corn starts now

Pretty soon the farm stalls in Ontario will be overflowing with my favourite thing to bathe in butter…fresh picked corn. So when I saw a friend toting a basket of some local pickings, I HAD to immediately know where she got it from! Everdean Farms (613-476-5511) is on the way from Picton to Bloomfield and just past Hagermans Farm stall (who is likely selling their own newest crop any day now). Check out for maps, growers, recipes and events here in Prince Edward County.  For now I’ll be eating my cobs intact (perhaps rubbed with a little lime fresh lime and sprinkled with ground chili) before moving onto cooking with the kernals alone. Stay tuned for “Corn Griddle Cakes with Fifth Town Chevre” and chopped knobs of Jerusalem Artichoke to add a little extra crunch.There’s a “Bumper Crop” of them growing profusely from one of my tractor tires in the garden!!!

My favourite recipe testers Andrew (12) and Mathew(8) are arriving Wed, so there’s going to be Fort Building and corn husking on our menu. This calls for a picnic!

photo by Derek Shapton

photo by Derek Shapton

All the best to Janet and Patrick, who just celebrated their Honeymoon at the Nook. The Chocolate Tasting plate for they had after dinner the Milford Bistro sounds worth sampling sometime soon! Thanks for the recommend ….

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