grilling revisited

I recently worked with photographer Edward Pond , revisiting a favourite topic of “what to grill”… for the upcoming Summer issue of Cottage Life Magazine. A succulent feast (that much I’ll say), written again by the award- winning team of David Zimmer and Jane Rodmell, winners of the Gold award in the” How-To” category at the National Magazine Awards last year for the 2008 Cottage Life Grill Guide to Great Chicken.

Edward’s studio has had a some changes since I was last there (now with a second kitchen!), but sharing in his amazing talents remains the same as ever (plus, who can resist a photoshoot with Gary the very good dog on duty).

photograpahy by Edward Pond  food styling by Ruth Gangbar

photography by Edward Pond food styling by Ruth Gangbar

A few things I’m looking forward to sharing in upcoming posts:

* images of the garden at Ruth’s Canteen being taken now (and through the seasons) by Picton-based photographer Steven Draper of Polepics. His aeirial photography is astounding…not suprising since he’s a former pilot. Hopefully I’ll be shamed into taming my garden jungle this year….now that you’ll be able to check in to see progress with the food gardens and picnic offerings as Steve does his best to capture it’s nature.

*introducing Chef Tim Stouffer of Picton, ON (and his menus) .  He’s onboard to help make getaway retreats at Ruth’s Canteen (and The Nook) especially delicious this season. Tim was also great help at a recent photo shoot for County Grapevine Magazine…help is good…Welcome Tim !        Advance reservations (but no shoes) required.

{NOTE: Acknowledgments to globetrotting photographer and friend  Ian Taylor, who offers  “Discounts to weddings I can shoot barefoot”}

A great to-do list for toasting in the March thaw?  come visit Maple in the County and  The Spring Cottage Life Show .


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