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I get sentimental about dogs, and it makes me happy that I can share the Nook, my little rental cabin , with other humans. But it’s especially great to imagine other  dogs on holiday where Cleo had loved so much to be. A private beach for swimming, so many sticks, flies to bite at…good times! But that every summer, her fabulous plumed tail needed to almost get shaved for all the burrs it gathered……nnnot so good.

It’s not everyday that I feel the serious urge to head out to meet guests interested in renting The Nook at their homes…but with a household that includes 17 poodles,and Poodle Poetry that’s so utterly irresistible…I’m looking forward to meeting Heather and Greg of the fabulous Pendragon Poodles. We’ve been e-mailing each other trying to arrange her Fall getaway…and hopefully it’ll happen before the hill (read: steep ,1500 ft. long road ) to the Nook isn’t car-worthy because of slick autumn leaves (and when a hike in is the only way to ensure getting out). Snow?…well…it’s not tobogganing time quite yet, in Prince Edward County.

There is a certain charm for intrepid guests (and of course their dogs) who are feisty enough to”Park and Hike” in the “Value Season”. Fabulous Harvest Restaurant is right up the road…but all post-October guests need to be:   a) comfortable with a woodstove for heat/hot water (sauna hut pending), and  b) physically fit.   But go ahead…ask about Ruth’s Canteen customized catering and  winter picnics. We might even deliver by snowshoe.

Welcome to my Doggie Guestbook, dedicated to the memory of Cleo.

Cleo at Liberty Village






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Jo Jo

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