I love the prospect of posting panoramic aerial views of the home of Ruth’s Canteen, as captured by Steven Draper of Polepics. His unique approach is both technical and painterly , and I’ll be sharing some of the process involved in achieving the final assembled 4-season collage here, from time to time. Thanks Steven ! and  I look forward to shooting food with you sometime !

These proof images ( meant for conceptual assessment only ) were taken last week, and have not yet received any of the ” usual finishing a final image would receive “. They do offer a bird’s eye view of part  of my little property here in Prince Edward County, near the Black River Cheese Factory and Vicki’s Veggies and  the Prince Edward Point Birdwatching Observatory.

The ever-photographic “Black River Bunkie” is featured in these shots. The Bunkie is where guests ( and garden helpers ) might stay this Summer , also making for a cozy retreat for writing {note to self} . ” The Nook “, Ruth’s Canteen’s other rental cabin, is located 10 minutes away on the shore of the Adolphus Reach. In case you’re wondering where all this is happening….click on the map links ; they’re interactive.

Reminding myself that “A garden is never finished” is comforting somehow, as I turn my thoughts to seeds and mulch, scultpture, picnic areas, paths, food garden beds….I’m also heartened that Terry Sprague ( our esteemed local naturalist and owner of Nature Stuff -Tours and Things)  also assessed  the grounds around here, and enthusiastically encouraged the “natural state of things”.  Phew !  and  Welcome to Spring!


Day Lily sprouts

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