farm fresh tomatoes

photography by Jim Norton

Juicy, subtle, and oh so delicate….this years tomato crop was hit by a cold, wet start to the season, and now a heartbreaking tomato blight that threatens it all (like those hungry tomato bugs aren’t bad enough…)

But Vicki’s Veggies “Annual Tomato Hurrah” held on Sept. 5 & 6 was a glowing testimony to healthy community AND to tomatoes. It’s not too late to get yourself to their farm for some of the finest heirloom veggies you’ll ever eat, and more… and you can also visit them at the Green Barn Farmers Market in Toronto, most Saturdays.

They supplied all the glorious pickings in the photos below, for an advance shoot for Cottage Life Magazine last year (published in this summer’s issue). Shooting with photographer Jim Norton is so relaxed and joyously professional, that it hardly feels like work at all. Isn’t that how you wish it could always be? and when we were done taking the pictures, it really was like eating a rainbow for lunch.

photography by Jim Norton
props by Laura Branson
food styling by Ruth Gangbar

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