Breakfast is ready

photo by Jim Norton

With the frost out of the ground, what better time to get out the griddle and enjoy the best of the season’s fresh Maple syrup, and to launch a new website. But a moveable feast it is, as I blaze trails between life at home in Prince Edward County and life in Toronto. My pursuits continue, with cabin rentals and picnics, and professional food styling. I’ll try not to confuse you too much, but I don’t “stay put” much.

So do drop in and hear about what’s happening with the garden (hmmm, stinging nettles with poached eggs are coming up soon), and some tidbits about working with some amazing food photographers in Toronto and closer to home in The County.

I hope you’ll enjoy the adventure; there’s gonna be mint growing in tractor tires and a freelance ride between here and there. There’s always something interesting cooking…..Welcome to Ruth’s Canteen!

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