comfort food

There’s something really comforting about cool weather recipes that simmer away slowly in the oven, and although I’m in here in Toronto for another 2 weeks (gasp!), I’m so pleased to hear that Lynn and Michael (and doggie Arthur) are enjoying their stay at the Nook this week, and staying cozy. I’ll also admit I’m quite fascinated to hear that the next guests arriving are planning (in fact, choosing….) to hike in and out to the cabin…with a Viola! !

November is coming up fast, and with it a few weeks away from the studios of T.O to finally catch up with countless county-time chores…like cooking suppers for friends, and “shoulder season guests” who might love to plan a getaway in the woods, complete with a picnic (or at Ruth’s Canteen, with reservations only, please). These pictures were shot by one of my favourite people, photographer¬†Derek Shapton for Cottage Life Magazine’s story on Winter Picnics.¬†Have a read {o.k, it’s about me and my picnic} and you’ll see some of the other reasons why staying in T.O works (like spending time with Gregor and my favourite little sous chefs!).

photography by Derek Shapton

photography by Derek Shapton

I dedicate this post to Heidi and Terry, who help with the Nook rentals when I’m busy in T.O doing food styling.


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