Gardening in the Round

Easy enough to get tractor tires around here; now to assemble the “experimental plots” and fill them with soil and start planting(….O.K , so I’m a little behind again this year). Such a wonderful treat to have had you visiting here on your holidays Gregor, and a big THANKS for all the help and materials! So my “Garden Rounds” are now not far from the raspberry patch, and a large plot made of  6 X 6″ fir beams,  yawning in wait for their soil. Pictures of this adventure to come, once I hopefully work out a few” technical difficulties” with uploading picture files! After all that sunny work, a refreshment of choice lately has been a few Fresh Raspberry Mojitoes.Can’t wait to mix them up with the “Colombia Blue Raspberries” from my own patch (which is covered with buds!!), and garden-picked mints. Much to look forward to…now back to T.O for the National Magazine Awards with the gang from Cottage Life.

photo by Stacey Brandford

photo by Stacey Brandford

Fresh Raspberry Mojitoes

2 oz white rum

1 oz fresh lime juice

fresh raspberries  to taste

1 oz light sugar syrup (or maple syrup)

6 lemon verbena leaves (or fresh mint)

crushed ice


Rub the edge of the glass with some lemon verbena, and fill with rum,  lime juice, raspberries, syrup , a few more lemon verbena leaves and  crushed ice.

Blend with a spoon to lightly crush the berries, and top with soda water.

Top a few with additional raspberries, lemon verbena and serve under a shady tree.

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