Taste! a celebration of regional cuisine

This weekend is Taste! weekend in Picton, the hub of Prince Edward County….No museum fundraisers or demos for me this time. But oh the joy of just attending as a spectator! and a chance to see the launch of the Fall/Winter issue of the County Grapevine Magazine. The Spring/Summer issue’s launch cover (below) was shot by Derek Cooper, with props by Laura Branson, food styling and production services by… Ruth Gangbar. If you ever wondered how REALLY wonderful Jennifier McLagan’s recipes are, this Barbequed Lavender Beef Tenderloin could be the one to try. A stellar combination of peppercorn, lavender, fennel, rosemary, sea salt, olive oil and Dijon mustard….subscribe or pick up the next issue at newstands , or at Taste! a celebration of regional cuisine .

Spring/Summer '09

photography by Derek Cooper

See you there!


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